1. Unreadable Penmanship in Forms
Please understand that Yamaha Club couldn't able to accommodate illegible handwritings, so you have to make sure that everything that you provided in the form is understandable.
2. Incomplete Information
The information gathered from a Yamaha Club Applicant is very important especially in the process of identification, membership validity, delivery of Kits, announcements and confirmations. Please make sure to fill up forms completely.
3. Unverified Application through Online
Once application through online is confirmed, applicant MUST open their email addresses (example: yahoo, gmail, etc.) to verify the link. Once link is not verified, your application will not be process and will expire eventually. Please make sure to verify your application.
4. Confusing information on Nearest Yamaha 3S Shop.
Please make sure that Nearest Yamaha 3S Shop is identified properly (regardless where you bought your motorcycle). Applicants must indicate the NEAREST Yamaha 3S Shop with this format: "3S<space>LOCATION<space>DEALER" (example: 3S Muntinlupa Megavia OR 3S VALECIA CDO2CYCLES). Yamaha Club never sends Kits on Multibrands. Yamaha Club may send your Kit on the nearest Yamaha 3S Shop or right at your doorstep. Please take note that decision on where to deliver the Kit will depend on Yamaha Club's discretion, not on the applicants.
5. Incomplete Address and Contact Details
Courier may find applicant easily and deliver your Kit on the expected schedule once these details are filled-up completely. Yamaha Club may send your Kit on the nearest Yamaha 3S Shop or right at your doorstep. Please take note that decision on where to deliver the Kit will depend on Yamaha Club's discretion, not on the applicants. Yamaha Club will be sending updates about the status of your kit through email and text messaging.
6. Chassis Number/Frame Number
Same with thumb marks, this is the unique identity of your motorcycle unit. It can be seen on your C.R. (Certificate of Registration), Invoice or Purchase Receipt. Yamaha Club strictly does not accept application without this.

For Secondhand owners, please send helpdesk@yamahaclub.com.ph scanned copy of Deed of Sale, or any proof that you are the rightful owner of the motorcycle unit.
7. C.R. (Certificate of Registration) Number
C.R. Number located at the upper right portion of your Certificate of Registration. For brand new motorcycles that doesn't have a CR Number yet, please indicate your Official Receipt No., Invoice No., or Purchase Order Number.
8. Driver's License Number
Driver's License Number is located at the lower left portion of your Driver's License. For Students or those who have confiscated licenses, please indicate your Student Permit Number or Temporary Permit Number.

***For inquiries please email us at
helpdesk@yamahaclub.com.ph or call us at 1800-10-8743377***


Who can join Yamaha Club?
All Yamaha Motorcycle users can join Yamaha Club.
How can I join Yamaha Club?
Yamaha users can apply through internet. Simply fill out the application form accurately and completely. Then confirm your application via the activation email sent to you. You will be notified through SMS once your application was already approved and out for delivery. You can also apply manually by asking for a Yamaha Club Application Form at the nearest Yamaha 3S Shops.
Are there any requirements to join?
All you have to do is to fill-up the needed information COMPLETELY. Incomplete application forms will not be processed.
How much does it cost to be a member of Yamaha Club?
Application for Yamaha Club – including the Club Kits – is for FREE.
How can I get my Yamaha Card/ID?
Yamaha Club Rider's Kit with your membership ID will be sent through the nearest Yamaha 3S Shop OR right at your doorsteps so you have to make sure that you provide your Complete Mailing Address.
What is inside my Yamaha Club Membership Kit?
The Kit contains Limited Edition Key Chain, Stickers, Embroidered Patch, and your Yamaha Club Membership Card. This will be provided to new applicants.
What is inside my Yamaha Club Renewal Kit?
The Kit is a Re-sealable Motorcycle Cover with Yamaha Elite Card. It will be provided to Yamaha Club Members who will renew their expired Yamaha Club Membership Card.
When will my membership take effect?
As soon as you receive your Yamaha Club Membership Card or Elite Card.
What are the benefits I can get if I join the Yamaha Club?
You can avail Unlimited 10% discount on Genuine Parts, Apparel/Souvenirs, Yamalube, and Safety Helmets.

You can get exclusive updates via email and text messages, Passes and Giveaways on events, Touring Adventures, and Special Club Announcements. You can also get exclusive access on Yamaha Club Website Forum, Sponsorships and Monthly surprises!
Where can I avail the discounts?
You can avail the discounts exclusively at any YAMAHA 3S Shops nationwide.
What will I present to avail the discounts?
You should present your YAMAHA CLUB ID together with any of your valid ID.
Is there a minimum amount to avail the discount?
None. Benefits are unlimited
Can I lend my card to my friends or relatives for them to use it?
No, only the authorized cardholder can use the card to avail the benefits.
How long is the validity of the membership?
Two years validity, you can already renew your Yamaha Club Card at least 1 month before the expiry date
How can I renew my membership?
Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. and Yamaha Club are not responsible for damaged or Lost Card. It is considered irreplaceable until expired. You have to wait until the card expires to reapply.
To renew your membership click here and complete the required fields.
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