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Our history


The Yamaha Club started in 2010 to create an atmosphere for riders to come together and celebrate their love for riding.

This became an avenue of connection among riders that allowed them to grow in numbers continuously throughout the years. By being part of the club their activities have gone beyond the usual long rides across the country.

As ambassadors of the Yamaha Brand they stood for so much more and they have dedicated themselves to making the Filipino Community better. This is done through outreach programs, educational activities, and even as simple as road etiquette.

The Yamaha Club gave its members exclusive opportunities to experience different adventures and moments that will last a lifetime. They also guided leaders of every group to be the beacons of each club and enrich their own personal cultures.

Time went on and the Yamaha Club has gone through numerous changes but continues to be guided by its foundations. New groups have joined in and the members continue to amass in number.

As they continue to move forward, each journey becomes historic and their actions become legend. They ride with “Revs Your Heart” as their motto and the best part is that they do it together.


The Yamaha Club was formed to bring together individuals that were passionate about riding. The growth they have experienced through their love for motorcycles forged values that go beyond the roads. As an exclusive collective they are Yamaha’s ambassadors that share ‘Revs your Heart’ across a nation.

Yamaha Club Begins
Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. establishes the Yamaha Club to bring together the Yamaha Motorcycle community, creating an experience that raises them above the rest.
One for the Books: Guinness World Record
Yamaha Club sets 3 World Records : Most number of Engines started simultaneously – 1446 Riders. Most number of Horns sounded simultaneously – 1425 Riders. Largest Parade of Yamaha Motorcycles – 1208 Riders.
Club Sponsorship
Yamaha Motor Philippines started to sponsor Yamaha Clubs in the Philippines Nationwide.
Touring around the Philippines
Yamaha Club Conducted several Touring events in 2016. Yamaha Club The Next Rev Cebu Grand Touring - June 4 to 5 2016 Yamaha Club Rev Camp Luzon Grand Touring – August 27 to 28 2016 Yamaha Club Rev Camp Mindanao Grand Touring – November 12 to 13, 2017
A New Experience
Focusing on the purity of Riding Experience . “Gusto Namin Ipadama ang tunay na saya ng pag sakay sa Motorsiklo”

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