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Accredited Groups



FZ16 Club Philippines 

President:  Danilo C. Cayabyab

Contact Number:  9183348966

 Vice-President:  Maritez Lagman

Contact Number:  09183348966

Facebook Account: FZ16 Club Philippines Official Group


Mio i 125 Riders Club Philippines

 President: John Vianney Magdamit

Contact Number: 09302000382

 Vice-President:  Rico Angeles III

Contact Number:  09154564379

Facebook Account: Mio i 125 Riders Club Philippines Official Group


NMAX Club Philippines

President:  Eddieboy Cruz  Jr.

Contact Number:  9175614733

Facebook Account: NMAX Club Philippines Official Group


 President:  Alex Sison

Contact Number: 09052648484

E-mail Address: 

 Vice-President: Donald Estrada

Contact Number:  09174634444

Facebook Account: Pangasinan Bikers Federation Inc.  Official Group


Team Mio Soul i

 President:  Michael Robert Dionido

Contact Number:  9228487294

 Vice-President:  Jofer Calilao

Contact Number:  09175310971

Facebook Account:  Team Mio Soul i Official Group


Vega Force i Owners Philippines

 President:  Irineo Santiago  III

Contact Number:  09333585646

 Vice-President:  Melvin Cremen

Contact Number: 09286926999

Facebook Account: Vega Force i Owners Philippines Official Group



Vega Force Mantis Riders Club

 President:  Jack De Guzman

Contact Number: 09399331369

 Vice-President:  Zedric  Timbas

Contact Number:  09087333980

Facebook Account: Vega Force Mantis Riders Club  Official Group


Yamaha One

 President:  Choei Nobleza

Contact Number: 09773850845

 Vice-President:  Alfhie Teodoro

Contact Number:  09260320764

Yamaha United

 President:  Rodney Caasi

Contact Number: 09157001685

 Vice-President:  Jhune Castro

Contact Number:  09179579733

Facebook Account: Yamaha United Official Group



All Mio Club Visayas

 President: Noveh De Los Santos

Contact Number: 9068117674

 Vice-President:  Kieth June G. Tornilla

Contact Number:  9434690515

Facebook Account:  All Mio Club Visayas Official Group


Club Mio I 125 Cebu Inc.

 President:  Jerrrold John Ng Solon

Contact Number: 9430170214

 Vice-President:  Cris Suico Alindajao

Contact Number:  9485283144

Facebook Account: Club Mio I 125 Cebu Inc. Official Group


Club Mio Mxi Cebu

 President:  Sylvester P. Ramirez

Contact Number:  9232223334

 Vice-President:  Raymond Fallares

Contact Number:  9987909780

Facebook Account: Club Mio Mxi Cebu Official Group


Soul I Exclusive Team Cebu

 President:  Sergio M. Alota Jr.

Contact Number: 9173252683

 Vice-President:  Guido Ray Guido

Contact Number: 9236449335

Facebook Account: Soul I Exclusive Team Cebu Official Group

Team Mio Soul I Negros

 President:  Burt Adem Belecina

Contact Number:  9778070255

 Vice-President:  Leonil Makilan

Contact Number:  9178816265

Facebook Account: Team Mio Soul I Negros Official Group

Tribu Del Mio De Bohol

 President:  Lloid Briones Patalinghug

Contact Number:  9999932839/9077886515

 Vice-President:  Lord Dino Tan

Contact Number:  9981700070

Facebook Account:  Tribu Del Mio De Bohol Official Group


Yamaha Cebuana Club Cebu

 President:  Mylene Santos

Contact Number:  9228556827/0176245676

 Vice-President:  Giselle E. Inoc

Contact Number:  9231492021

Facebook Account: Yamaha Cebuana Club Cebu  Official Group


Yamaha Fino Club Cebu

 President: Carmelo S. Santos Jr.

Contact Number:  9328764517

 Vice-President:  Rogen D. Ambos

Contact Number:  9321082626



All Mio Club Mindanao


Club President:  Ferdinand J. Ratilla Jr.

Contact Number: 9499972656

Club Vice-President: Jay Oliver c. Jugalbot

Contact Number: 9091027730

Facebook Account: All Mio Club Mindanao Club Official Group


Davao Mio Soul I

Club President: Alejandro P. Polistico Jr.

Contact Number: 09178191645

Club Vice-President: Eriberto A. Remotigue Jr.

Contact Number: 9330502594

E-mail Address:

Facebook Account: Davao Mio Soul i Official Group


Davao Sniper Guild

Club President: Rolando G. Pelimer

Contact Number: 9206040031

Club Vice-President: Virginia Pelimer

Contact Number: 9206040031

Facebook Account: Davao Sniper Guild Official Group


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